Wama is a pioneer and original brand of underwears for both Men & Women !

Why? Well, have you already heard about HEMP material? Wama creates basics from Hemp, a revolutionary material for the Eco Fashion World. You will find in those underwears 53% of hemp, but also 44% of organic coton and 3% of  spandex !

  • But what is exactly Hemp?

Actually, we use the Hemp plant since centuries to weave clothes. We can make really flexible and resistant clothes with those fibres. By the way, soldiers’s uniforms from th 2nd World War was made with Hemp ! The psychoactive property from its close cousin, Cannabis, created confusion and the arrival of new technologies and synthetic fibres eclipsed the use of natural fibres. But now, as we become increasingly conscious about the negative impacts of fashion on environment, Hemp has just made its comeback thanks to its incredible properties !

  • Hemp: Good for your Body and Good for our Planet !

As I have just explained to you, Hemp is a really soft and comfortable material to wear. It’s known to grow softer with washing and as it is really resistant, your hemp underwears will last longer than other pairs. So just for this we can say that Hemp is the King of Sustainability !

On top of that, Hemp has incredible properties as it’s naturally anti-microbial, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial. It’s also more breathable more than other fibres so that’s why you will stay fresher all day long  ! So, it is perfect for your sport sessions, and for me, after trekking ! You may have heard about other antibacterial fabrics but some of these use silver threads to discourage the growth of bacteria. There’s no proof yet that silver fabrics pose a risk, but experts insist that underwears with natural materials are better and safer. Cotton is also a good natural alternative but it’s also the fibre which requires the most of pesticides and water to grow while hemp needs little to no pesticides. Cotton may deplete the soil whereas hemp can clean the soil of toxins ! Finally, hemp also grows faster than cotton. The Winner is defintitely Hemp !

So when you buy a Wama underwear, it’s not only your body which will thank you but also our planet! As I mentionned above, hemp has a lot of amazing impacts on our environement but it is also a growing market which may helps a lot of farmers. But Hemp is not just about clothing and that’s why this material is so amazing! Hemp can be used for the automotive industry, food, cosmetic, construction, paper and plastic sectors. It can become our new bio-fuel and also it is used to detoxify against radioactivity ! Hemp is an incredible alternative to resolve a lot of ecological desasters as deforestation and our dependence to fossil fuel. 

  • Wama, king of Hemp and Certifications !

Not only the brand is pioneer in the use of hemp but we also can totally trust them as they succeded to get several famous certifications !

* Green America 

As a Green America Certified Business, Wama shows leadership in the green business field and is committed to a positive social and environmental change.

* PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

My vegan friends ! You can be reassured ! Wama take pride in being a Vegan company and is an official PETA Approved Vegan brand.

* GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard

The worldwide leader in hemp textiles is China and that is where all of the manufacturing is based. Wama works with suppliers who are GOTS certified to ensure the organic status of their textiles.

* Transparency

Wama takes priority in making sure that their products are ethically made, respecting working conditions of employees. Trust and honesty are the most important criterias in the relationship the brand has with their suppliers. So, in addition to certifications, a Wama team member is based out of China to oversee everything and have better communication with factories.

  • What I think of My Wamas!

Actually, it was the very first time I was trying Hemp clothing ! While I’m travelling I can’t allow myself to have a lot of clothes so I have to choose carefully which are the ones I will bring with me. And I was not disappointed at all by the comfort and the quality of these underwears, which are the most important criterias for me! I need to have products which will last ! I was also so surprised of the softness of the product.  I love wearing my Wamas as well as while I sleep as I do trekking! It’s even nicer than wearing cotton!

Also, the fact that hemp is antibacterial and anti-odor was the cherry on the cake ! My backpackers friends, you know that, when you travel it is not so easy to have a perfect hygiene as when you are at home ! So knowing that you have an underwear which really protects your privates naturally all day long is really reassuring ! Finally, it’s a material really easy to wash and dry very fast.

Wama has not only created comfy underwears as the brand didn’t forget at all about designing a modern and sexy cut ! :p <3

And what Anthony, my boyfriend thinks about Wama underwears ?

“Wama products are resistant and really beautiful to wear ! I particularly liked the elasticity of the underwear which hugs perfectly my figure and still being comfy ! I also liked the combination of the black color of the underwear with the green logo ! Also, it’s so cool to match our underwears ! 🙂 “.


Are you thinking in buying Hemp Underwears to make you feel better and to protect the environment?
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Check the products on Wama Underwear‘s website



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