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I met Mathilde, one of the two founders of the organic lingerie brand Olly, over coffee and croissants in a Parisian brasserie. Mathilde & Clémentine are two young inspiring entrepreneurs and I fell in love, not only for their super soft knickers but also for their story !

Mathilde explained me that Olly born after working on a project for school. But they ended up being so passionate about it that they decided to create their own brand.

As a customer, I couldn’t find knickers that I both liked and were not harmful for my body and the planet. And yet,  as for me it’s clear to wear safe and sustainable materials on an area of my body so delicate

I think it’s amazing to have enough maturity to create a company just afer school, and even more, to already have the vision of creating a sustainable & ethical company. Mathilde told me that they lived in Berlin for a year, which is a really inspiring and avant-garde city. At that time, they became aware of the issues of the textile industry for our environment, our health and the worker’s right. They also realized that just a few alternatives existed, and even less in the lingerie sector.

To build your own company is already quite a challenge and we have to face up different issues. When you build a conscious brand you have to face up even more issues as we always try to be ethical & sustainable in all our process. As for example, we will not buy this lovely lace because it’s made in Asia and we don’t about the working conditions. We also had to find a more sustainable packaging than the classic one in plastic.”

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Underwears are the clothes the closest to our personal hygiene, so it’s for me, essential, that it respects my skin. Made in Hungary, Olly knickers are in organic cotton, certified  GOTS. This label ensures good working conditions for the people harvesting cotton and that it grows without GMO, pesticides and it’s not whiten with chlorine. Dyeings are not harmful, certified OEKO TEX 100 ! Indeed, some dyeings can be harmful and according to Greenpeace, 2/3 of our clothes has endocrine disruptors. I had the chance to wear several knickers since a few months and I can assure that the quality is premium and that they are really comfy and soft !

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But Olly is not only a conscious brand. It’s also really stylish ! The founders conceived timeless and sophisticated knickers… a tad sexy…with transparency, laces on the side, flounces, tulle or a lovely triangle down to the small of the back… with a beautiful color palette from pure white, back intense, forest green or electric blue. According to me, Olly represents so well the French Elegance !

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Here is a selection of my favorite pieces…



“Clémentine and I founded Olly while studying without experience in the textile industry and without finances but we dit it ! I am really proud of our products, to have customers who love our knickers and to build a project respecting my values” 

string elle blanc chantilly - olly lingerie
culotte casamance - olly lingerie
culotte volga - olly lingerie
culotte Laita-olly lingerie

I think the future of fashion is the sustainable & ethical fashion (but it will also come with some greenwashing ) !

Consumers become aware little by litlle of the devasting effects of the textile industry and brands will offer more conscious clothes, either by belives and values, either by opportunism. { -Mathilde, Olly – }

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