Since a few months I have been learning about sustainable and ethical fashion. I have become so passionate about it that I try to share with you daily all information about what I’ve learnt. But if you want to know even more, I would like to give you all my tips to quench your thirst for knowledge. I share below all the Eco Platforms to follow and all the Eco Bloggers I love to read to be inspired !

1. Eco Fashion Guide to Download for Free

French: La Mode sans dessus-dessous

English: The Conscious Closet Guide

2. Eco Documentaries

*Documentary in English about the impact of the Fast Fashion : The True Cost (this link is not free but you can find it for free)

*Documentary in French about the impact of Cotton : Coton, l’envers de nos T-shirts

*Documentary in French about Weavers from Marocco: Tisseuses de rêves


Green Dreamer is a free podcast launched by the amazing Kaméa Chayne. She regularly invites professionals from the fashion industry to talk about sustainability and inspire all of us to have a more conscious way of life and way of consuming.

Podcast et Instagram

Ethical Writers est un collectif de bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, photographes et bien d’autres crétifs partageant la même passion pour la mode écologique. Retrouvez chaque mois un podcast sur un thème particulier dans lequel ils dévoilent tout leurs secrets pour aider les professionnels de ce milieu à s’améliorer ! Le podcast coûte 17 dollars.



Nouveau Modèle hosts inspiring women, designers, entrepreneurs, stylists, models… Why did they want to advocate for a conscious fashion? How did they choose to improve fashion? Their values, their journey, their projects… Get inspired by these committed women.

Podcast & Instagram

4. ECO Platforms

The Green Hub

The Green Hub is a platform created by the amazing Kira Simpson, who will inspire you to live more sustainably as well as in fashion, beauty, homewares or even travels ! I love it because it gives you all the latest trends, tips, eco guides thanks to a website really complete, attractive and well organized !

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Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess is a brand media promoting not only sustainable fashion but also feminism and green beauty or green businesses, green technologies, green politcs ! How great is that ! This is an amazing source of inspiration created by the enthousiastic Jennifer Nini.

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Ethical Made Easy

Ethical Made Easy is a platform really complete to understand everything about sustainable and ethical fashion by giving you all the latest brands to follow, sharing inspiring stories in interviews and podcasts, giving you all the books to read and documentaries to watch ! The founder Jasmine Mayhead takes to heart the ethical issues behind our clothes and shares with you all her passion and knowledge!

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French Platforms:

Slow We Are

But I don’t forget about France as we also have great inspiring platforms ! I am happy to introduce you Eloïse, founder of Slow We are. She strides accross the streets of Paris and our beautiful regions to find eco shops and brands. She helps you to focus on sustainable trendy basics with high quality to make your clothes last, in opposition to the fast fashion phenomenon. But the must of this platforme are the Ecofashion Tours she offers! They are shopping sessions for women and men who want to renew their wardrobe.

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Ethique sur l’Ethiquette

Member of Clean Clothes Campaign, the collective of the Éthique sur l’étiquette acts for the human rights at work and helps consumers to be informed about what they purchase. For example, they control French companies about their manufacturing conditions of their goods and focus on textile, toys and sport industry requiring a lot of workforce.

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