I am travelling in Bali and I have recently learnt how to make 4 natural beauty products from ancestral balinese recipes. In this article, I share with you these recipes of the 4 following products: shampoo, sunscreen, body scrub & healing scrub (called Boreh).


The Shampoo



* 5 Hibiscus leaves

* 3 cm Aloe Vera

* Bali Native Flowers (But feel free to add any flowers of your choice)

* 3 drops of essential oils of your choice. You can add 2 drops of one essential oild and 1 drop of another one. Essential oils are natural preservative agents. You can keep your product 1 month or 2 months if you put it in a fridge.

* 150 ml of Water

Preparation: Cut in small pieces the Hibiscus leaves, Bali Native flowers and Aloe Vera. Pour them in a bowl and add the water and essential oils. Grind with your hand the preparation for a few minutes until you obtain a liquid preparation. Put it in a flask and shake it.

Anecdote: I used the same ingredients and essential oils as one of my classmate but we had different colors of shampoo! Our teacher explained to us, the colors obtained came from our heart, this is why it is different. Mine was pink, the color of love and romanticism and for my classmate it was green, the color of nature. You can also have orange, color of freshness or yellow, color of energy.





* 5 cm Aloe Vera or 3 tablespoon gel

* 3 tablespoon Coconut Milk or Avocado

* 2 tablespoon Coconut Oil

* 3 drops of essential oils of your choice

Préparation: Only take the heart of Aloe Vera and not the skin. Grind it until it makes like a liquid gel and mix it with all the other ingredients until you have liquid preparation.

Body Scrub



* 2 tablespoon of row rice

* Aloe Vera or Avocado

* Tomato

* Turmeric or Coffe & 5 gr of Cacao powder

* 3 drops of essential oils of your choice

Préparation: Before, you have to soak the rice with water for 15 mintues (don’t boil it). Cut only the heart of Aloe Vera and don’t take the skin. Cut the tomato in small pieces and add the turmeric (or coffe) and the cacao powder. Grind the rice with the rest of ingredients until you obtain a liquid preparation.


Healing Scrub (or boreh)




* 2 spoon of row rice

* Glove Powder (3 seed)

* Ginger Powder (5gr)

* Galangal powder (5 gr)

* Coconul Milk

* 3 drops of essential oild of your choice

Préparation: Before, soak the rice with water for 15 minutes (don’t boil it). Add the 3 powders to the rice and grind it by adding step by step the coconut milk until you obtain a more liquid preparation. But you have to obtain a quiet solid preparation that you will put where the pain is.


At the end of the class, you will also get a beautiful bag made of recycled newpapers by the communities nearby. All the flowers and ingredients used in the class are made by these communities, helping them to get funds. The flacons used for the preparations are recycled juice bottles.

Don’t forget to look at my class video, so you can understand better how to prepare your products.

Thanks a lot to Ubud Botany Interactive who made this class and the two lovely teachers. It was such a great moment ! You can find this class on TripAdvisor. As for me, I directly went to the shop and booked there: Kajeng Street no.32 / Whatsapp: +6285 6371 9259.

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