Hello, my name is Marie and I’m 28.

Cotton & Travel is born from my passion for Sustainable Fashion and my dream for travelling the world🌍

The Fashion Industry is one of the most polluting and non ethic… Yes, indeed ! We don’t usually think that this shirt we are wearing was maybe made by a child, that pair of jeans we love so much required a huge amount of water and that lovely coloured bag requested, to be dyed, a lot of chemicals products, rejected into the rivers… This is why, I really want to inspire you by discovering the people I meet during this travel, who actually, make Fashion a Sustainable & Ethic Industry. So, through my blog, I would like you to become aware of these issues and to adopt a more conscious wardrobe. As consumers we have the power to change things !

But Cotton & Travel is not only a blog of advice to live more sustainably, it’s also a blog of stories. The stories of these amazing people working behind our clothes that I met while travelling for more than one year.

☀ I have the chance to meet artisans who open me joyfully their door to learn more about their culture and ancestral know-how. In my section Textiles of the World, you will discover their stories and what I’ve learnt with them!

☀ I also love meeting young Eco fashion designers with exciting projects, inspiring people to consume more responsibly. I talk about all their amazing work in my section Eco Fashion Guide, where you will also find all the tips to adopt a more slow fashion consumption.

 Travelling more responsibly is also a topic dear to my heart ! It’s been more than 1 year that I am constantly travelling the world, but what I really love is to travel off the beatean track. So, in my section Ethical Travel Guide, you will find all my tips and good plans to live authentic experiences with locals and discover their beautiful culture! I hope by reading my articles, it will give you the courage to travel and to jump into the unknown. But overall, I hope it will give you the energy to throw yourself into any kind of dreams you have.

After all, if I am doing it, why don’t you?

✤ About Me 

Cotton & Travel

After working in Paris for a few years in Fashion as a Product Manager / Buyer, I became aware of sustainable and social issues of the fashion industry. Now, I decided to combine my passion for fashion and sustainability by launching my own business as a consultant for brands to become more sustainable.

I help brands to have a more traceable & transparent supply chain:

*by encouraging them collaborating with ethical certified suppliers or artisans.

*by developing sustainable innovative and certified materials into their collections.

*by communicating with an authentic storytelling 2.0 through social medias.

 ➸ For Collaborations regarding my blog, please contact me at cottonandtravel@gmail.com and I will send you my Media Kit.

➸ Do you want to become a more conscious consumer?

I offer you personalized advices to have a sustainable wardrobe and I create specially for you one or several eco looks from great ethical brands.
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Travel Philosophy:

“ It’s impossible, said Pride
It’s risky, said Experience
It’s pointless, said Reason
Give it a try, whispered the Heart ”»

– William Arthur Ward

Cotton & Travel

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