• The Minimalist Coat – Lanius

This felted wool coat is made of 100% organic virgin wool and you can find more colors on their website. This German brand uses only wool from sheeps breeded in big areas and good conditions, from farmers who do not use the painful Mulesing technique ( a surgical procedure during which the skin around the breech and tail area of Merino sheep is removed) used by Australian farmers who export 30% of the wool in the market. You can also find Peta-Approved products and the brand has several labels ensuring good working conditions for the people making the products.

Price: 264,90 € instead of 329 €

  • The Down Jacket – Patagonia 

How to be stylish with an ethical down jacket ? With this cozy jacket from Patagonia, made of 100% recycled materials like duck and goose down reclaimed from down products and recycled nylon and polyester. Buying these controversial materials in a recycling way is a great sustainable & ethical alternative to enjoy their resistance, warmth and comfort without encouraging their growth.

Price: 201 €

  • The printed Rain Coat – The Four Rabbit 

Did you know that ,when making a cloth, around 15% of fabrics are not used but wasted? So, it’s not only a waste of natural ressources we used but also a waste of human ressources that we mobilized to harvest, to dye and to spin the fabric… Besides being recycable, this rain coat has been made so that there is no leftover, nothing is thrown and wasted. If it remains a piece of a fabric, the brand will use it to make accessories. For example, when you buy the product, you will also receive a small bag to carry your jacket which folds really well without being damaged. On top of that, it dries so quickly ! So useful to travel with !

Price: 237 €

Four Rabbit Jacket - Tsunami Jacket - Cotton and Travel
  • The Denim Jacket – Reformation

This jacket is in 100% recycled denim and the collars are, of course, made with fake fur. Did you know that during the fabrication of a pair of jeans in cotton, we use 10 000 litres of water ? To buy a recycled denim is a great sustainable alternative (you can also go for organic cotton which is less thirsty than conventional cotton). By using recycled denim on this jacket, the brand saved more than 7000 litres of water !

Price: 156 €

4 Rabbit
  • The Saving Ocean Coat  – Everlane

This coat has been made from recycled plastic bottles. But can you guess how many plastic bottles has been used? The answer is… 60 bottles !  And it has been made ethically in Vietnam. For more info on the factory and the materials, check their website. You can also find a lot of other colors and coats.

Price: 154 €

  • The Tweed Coat – Ekyog

In order to minimize the environmental impact of the transportation, this coat had been made in Bulgaria and the fabric comes from Italy. It will keep you warm thanks to wool (49%), mohair and alpaca (5%). The silk (13%) brings light and softness. The inner coat is made in 100% Lyocell and the sleeves in 100% recycled polyester.

Price: 209,40 € instead of 349 €

Manteau Ekyog
  • The ethically Made in China Coat  – Langer Chen

This brand of coats wants to show that “Made in China” and “ethical” are not incompatibles. It makes the products in their factory from Jiaxing, according the GOTS label conditions, ensuring the respect of the workers. Regarding the materials, they use organic wool, Tencel, organic linen, recycled polyester. This coat is made with 75% of wool coming from Australian farmers who do no use the Mulesing technique. Find more colors and coats on their website.

Price: 225 € instead of 299 €

Langer Chen
  • The Zero Waste Coat – Kiks

This Finnish brand uses only leftovers fabrics from the textile industry. As explaining above, the fabrication process has also a huge negative impact as a lot of fabrics are not used but thrown.  So this coat is entirely made of fabrics planned to go the trashes. This second life is called “upcycling”. On top of that, the coats are all unisex !

Price: 300 €

Kiks Finland
  • The Bison Puffer Jacket – United By Blue

This brand organizes and hosts cleanups to make measurable impact on the ocean trash and plastic pollution problems. Each year, there is 8 million tons of waste plastics in our ocean. So, for every product sold, the brand removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways. Certified B-Corps (a group of for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency), it uses only materials as organic cotton and recycled plastic. This coat is made of 50% recycled polyester blend and 50% of bison material, and so, it repurposes the ranching industry’s unused, and often, discarded- materials. It ensures also to make durable goods and repairs your jacket if it fails in its intented use.

Price: 200 €

united by blue
  • The Houndstooth Coat – Reformation

This is a woven wool blend coat from surplus fabric blended  (90% Wool, 10% Cashmere) and it has been sustainably made in China. On the website you can find more colors and prints as Tartan and more eco coats.

Price: 288€


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